The happiest employees are those who job-hopped during the pandemic or work hybrid-remote roles, study finds

 According to data reported by the Wall Street Journal, last year saw the highest rates of employee job satisfaction since 1987. 

The survey of 1,680 US workers found that 62.3% were satisfied with their jobs, with a further increase to 60.2% in 2021. 

Interestingly, employees who were happiest were those who had either job-hopped during the pandemic or were working in hybrid-remote environments. Gen Z workers have also been job-hopping to secure flexible work schedules and prioritize work-life balance. 

However, with layoffs and return-to-office mandates being announced, economic concerns and worries about job security could impact job satisfaction this year. 

Nonetheless, economists suggest that the labor market does not currently suggest an economic downturn, although that could change.

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