Is it time to scrap our work marriages? Experts say the relationships risk excluding some workers


Insider conducted a poll on LinkedIn to determine if having a non-romantic "work spouse" or "work husband" is appropriate in the workplace. Out of 17,212 votes, 61% responded negatively, while 39% agreed. Despite the name, these relationships are supposed to be professional and platonic. Many respondents questioned the use of terms associated with romantic relationships to describe professional ones. 

A poll conducted by Redfield & Wilton Strategies for Newsweek in March found a generational gap in opinions, with over half of millennial respondents disapproving of work spouses compared to only 40% of baby boomers. While some individuals are in favor of work marriages, others are skeptical about using marital terms. Some suggest using alternative terms such as "work sibling" to avoid uncomfortable associations. 

Others argue that the labels themselves are exclusionary and heteronormative, promoting the idea that heterosexual relationships are the norm. Removing the labels altogether and allowing individuals to define their personal relationships on their own terms would create a more egalitarian work environment. While close relationships at work are acceptable, using heteronormative terms can be restrictive and create unclear boundaries and expectations.

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