I’m a ‘mom for hire’ who charges $40 an hour. I've given dating advice, shared chicken soup recipes, and even taught a guy how to iron.

As an experienced mother of two boys, a theater producer, and a rehabilitation counselor, I discovered a need for maternal support and guidance among young adults. In 2015, I founded Need a Mom NYC, where I provide a range of life skills coaching and advice to clients seeking a motherly figure to help them navigate the challenges of adulthood. While I charge $30 to $40 an hour for my services, I do not do tasks for my clients, instead, I guide them on how to do them independently. 
My work is not therapy, but it fills a gap that some clients may have. I listen carefully to my clients and offer insights based on my own experiences, but I never offer unsolicited advice. I work primarily with young adults, but I have also found value in working with clients in their 40s and above. While I have been approached about franchising my idea and writing a book, I prefer to keep my services accessible and continue to work mainly through digital channels. 
My clients have come from word of mouth, and while I have received some criticism, I do not let it affect my work. In the end, I believe that unless a situation is life-threatening or dangerous, parents should butt out of their children's lives.

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