How much an OnlyFans star earns per month with 1,100 paid subscribers — and 4 of her top growth strategies


According to adult-content creators who were active before OnlyFans became popular, promoting safe-for-work content on social media has been a crucial part of building a following. MelRose Michaels, an OnlyFans creator with over a decade of experience in the adult-entertainment industry, has started her own business called Sex Work CEO which provides educational resources for sex workers looking to optimize their businesses. Michaels creates safe-for-work content like ASMR videos on YouTube and live streams on Twitch to promote her OnlyFans on mainstream platforms and advises other adult-content creators to do the same. 

She has almost a million followers across her social accounts, with her OnlyFans audience totaling around 34,000 fans and followers across pages, including one free and one VIP. The VIP tier generates the bulk of her revenue on the platform, earning her a net income of around $30,000 a month. Michaels offers advice for other OnlyFans creators on how to use safe-for-work content to expand their reach, including starting their social-media expansion on Twitter and experimenting with ASMR content on YouTube.

MelRose Michaels advises adult-content creators to repurpose their content for mainstream platforms by creating safe-for-work (SFW) content tied to their niche. For example, if a creator's platform is fitness, they can turn their workout videos into both video and audio content, and even blog or write newsletters about their health and wellness journeys.

 Michaels encourages creators to show their fans who they are outside of OnlyFans, and followers will follow them to other types of content that reflect their interests or values. Michaels also notes that many trends that impact mainstream creators also affect those who create adult content, such as the resurgence of live streaming among adult creators. She advises creators to keep their pulse on trends in either industry to stay ahead of the game.

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