From Hollywood writers to delivery drivers, workers are fed up with the gradual devaluation of their professions


This month, both the Writers Guild of America and Teamsters unions are facing negotiations and potential strikes. Their struggles highlight the importance of labor rights for all workers, including essential workers who were critical to keeping the economy functioning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many essential workers gained a renewed sense of their value and the need to be treated with dignity and agency in their workplaces. 

This led to a revival of the labor movement and organizing campaigns at various companies. Despite different job titles and industries, workers are united in fighting against the devaluation of their labor due to corporate greed. 

Unfortunately, Washington has not provided the support needed for workers during this time. Congress has repeatedly failed to reform labor laws in favor of workers, and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) remains underfunded and unable to adequately protect workers' rights. It is essential to pass the PRO Act and fully fund the NLRB to protect workers' freedom to organize and bargain collectively. Workers are standing up, and it is time for Washington to act. 

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