Avoid these 6 verbs on your resume, experts say: ‘Pinpoint exactly what you were responsible for’


According to a study by resume writing site Kickresume, 93% of job seekers use action-oriented phrases on their resumes, such as "advanced" or "spearheaded", to showcase their accomplishments. 

However, not all actions are equally effective. Verbs like "managed," "created," and "helped may not paint a clear picture of what you've done and can come off as passive. Career expert Amanda Augustine suggests using more specific and impactful verbs like "directed," "cultivated," and "guided" instead of "managed." 

Similarly, she recommends using verbs like "designed," "conceptualized," "originated," and "shaped" instead of "created." Using these more descriptive verbs can demonstrate your initiative and responsibility, and make your accomplishments stand out.

 While it's not a big issue to use these less impactful verbs occasionally, Augustine advises job seekers to get creative and use more dynamic language to impress potential employers.

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