A woman was ghosted by a recruiter after 9 interviews following a slow down in hiring

 Megan Burr's experience with endless rounds of interviews and no response from companies highlights a trend in the labor market. While job seekers had the upper hand during the pandemic's labor shortage, employers are now stalling their hiring processes due to economic uncertainty and layoffs.

 As a result, job seekers are spending countless hours on the job search with no clear purpose to multiple interviews. Burr found the number of interview rounds excessive, and many were repetitive with the same questions and answers. 

The decline in job postings for white-collar roles such as real estate, finance, insurance, and advertising indicates a shift in the labor market. White-collar workers are now opting to stay at their current jobs, while blue-collar workers in healthcare, architecture, and hospitality are seeing an increase in job openings. The "Great Resignation" may be over for some, but it is still a reality for others in in-person service or skilled vocational trades. 

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