A millennial shares how she negotiated a higher salary and $10,000 in extra relocation benefits when she landed a new job: 'If you don't speak up for what you want, you will get the bare minimum.'


Mykail James decided to set a deadline for herself to obtain a promotion at her current job. When the deadline passed without a promotion, she applied for a new job that offered a higher title, better pay, a hybrid work schedule, and a change of location to Phoenix. 

However, before accepting the new job, she negotiated for relocation benefits to cover the expenses of moving. Her company initially offered a salary increase of $10,000 and $10,000 in relocation benefits, but after two days of negotiation, she landed a $13,000 pay bump and $20,000 in benefits. 

James used the relocation benefits to pay off her car, throw a going-away party, and cover other expenses related to her move. She advised others to ask for relocation benefits when moving to a new state for a job and recommended negotiating over email to have time to craft a clear message. 

She emphasized the importance of speaking up for what you want and asking for more than what you initially need to leave room for negotiation.

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