A Gen Zer who was laid off explains how she's happier and more creative after working corporate jobs that 'sucked the soul' out of her


Chiaki Ma, a 23-year-old who has worked in marketing since graduating college in 2021, found corporate work to be monotonous. Though she enjoyed working on different projects, the daily routine was the same, leading her to realize she didn't want to be in that field for more than two years. Her corporate career came to an end when she was laid off in November, which she saw as an opportunity to pursue more creative work. 

She now works as a freelance content creator, and a waitress, and is pursuing acting. Many others have followed suit, leaving corporate or white-collar jobs after layoffs or due to a lack of fulfillment. 

Chiaki believes that the pandemic has taught us that essential workers are not necessarily found in corporate offices, and she doesn't want to spend her time in a career that doesn't align with her passions. While her work-life balance has improved, she admits that financial stability can be a challenge when transitioning to a new career path. 

Nonetheless, she finds satisfaction in doing work that is entirely hers and believes that limiting oneself to a single career path can restrict potential opportunities. Chiaki advises taking a leap of faith and exploring new possibilities to find a fulfilling career. 

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