7 things the Class of 2022 wish they knew before graduating from college: ‘Don’t be afraid to take time off’

Leaving college can be both exciting and scary as there is no set direction or guidance to follow. However, embracing change and being open to new experiences can lead to a happy and exciting post-grad life. 
The Class of 2022 offers their advice to the Class of 2023. 
Joey Varamo suggests that young workers bring a fresh perspective and should approach their new jobs with confidence. 
Caleyah Gaither advises giving oneself grace and embracing change. 
Iva Petrova recommends talking to as many people as possible and not being afraid to take time off from work. 
Kalidas Shanti emphasizes the importance of rest to avoid burnout, and Kristen Smith shares that it's okay to quit a job that isn't the right fit. 
Graduates should trust their instincts and be intentional about their job search.

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