“Why are you studying so hard?”

 People often ask me, "Why are you putting so much effort into your studies?" But the truth is, I am not inherently smart or wealthy. I have to work hard and go through a tedious, iterative process to achieve good academic results. Even my younger sibling, who seems relaxed, can easily outperform me. But I keep studying hard because it is necessary for me to reach my goals. 

Coming from a humble family of six, my parents used to work tough jobs like store employees and tailors. I want to prevent them from enduring those hardships again, and I want to be able to provide quality education for my siblings without financial worries. I want to live comfortably and securely, and by maximizing my academic potential, I can change not only my life but also the lives of those around me. 

So instead of questioning and feeling awkward about someone's dedication to their studies, we should try to understand and support each other. We never know what others have been through or what motivates them to work harder than others. Asking, "Why do you have to keep studying so hard?" is not a wise question, as we all have our reasons and aspirations.

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