Toxic productivity is making workers unhappy, says UN happiness council expert. Here are 3 ways to feel more upbeat

 In recent years, technology has become increasingly intrusive in people’s lives outside of the workday, leading to what Jennifer Moss, author of "The Burnout Epidemic" and "Unlocking Happiness at Work," calls "toxic productivity." 

This phenomenon, where workers tend to work 24/7, is a major cause of chronic stress, burnout, and unhappiness among workers today. 

Moss suggests that workers say "no" to things that don't align with their values and priorities, have non-work chatter with peers to create deeper connections, and control their controllable, such as finding a way to get back to what made them love their job in the first place. 

By doing these things, workers can avoid burnout, increase happiness and optimism, and develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with their peers.

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