The 10 best entry-level jobs that don't require a college degree

Indeed has identified several entry-level job options that do not require a four-year degree and pay over $40,000 per annum. These jobs include inventory manager, auto body technician, and environmental health and safety specialist. Indeed used criteria such as no requirement of a college degree, 0-3 years of experience, and growth in job listings between September 2021 through February 2022 versus September 2022 through February 2023 to compile the list. Kristen Shah, a career expert at Indeed, mentioned that technical skills are in high demand for these job roles. 

For those who aspire to join these entry-level jobs without a college degree, attending a trade school or acquiring technical skills may help. Indeed has also created a separate list of entry-level jobs suitable for college graduates based on their methodology. Overall, these lists serve as a good starting point for job seekers who are navigating the early stages of their careers.

10. Transportation/logistics coordinator

A worker working at a commercial dock and organizing the shipments of cargo in trucks
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Average annual starting salary: $62,500

Percent increase in job share: 53%

9. Catering manager

A person putting food down on a buffet table
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Average annual starting salary: $47,500

Percent increase in job share:  56%

8. Aircraft maintenance technician

Aircraft engineer working on a jet engine
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Average annual starting salary: $57,500

Percent increase in job share: 64%

7. Sheet metal mechanic

Person welding a piece of sheet metal
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Average annual starting salary: $62,140

Percent increase in job share: 67%

6. Business analyst

A group of workers sitting at a table in an office
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Average annual starting salary: $72,500

Percent increase in job share: 82%

5. Drafting technician

Two engineers developing models using computer software
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Average annual starting salary: $50,000

Percent increase in job share: 94%

4. Salon manager

A woman sitting in a hair salon for an appointment
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Average annual starting salary: $41,000

Percent increase in job share: 95%

3. Environmental health and safety specialist

A worker using a laptop at a factory
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Average annual starting salary: $65,000

Percent increase in job share: 100%

2. Auto body technician

Person working on a car
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Average annual starting salary: $82,500

Percent increase in job share: 100%

1. Inventory manager

Foreman and manager having a discussion at the distribution warehouse.
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Average annual starting salary: $59,000

Percent increase in job share: 189%

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