Layoffs via Zoom are here to stay


With the rise of virtual layoffs in the pandemic, this once-unpopular practice is becoming more common. Firing employees through Zoom or email is especially prevalent among white-collar workers who continue to work remotely. This is due to the belief that it is cruel to ask employees to come to the office just to inform them of their termination in a public setting. Even though the pandemic situation has eased, companies still prefer remote communication for layoff purposes. 

Recently, McDonald's asked its corporate employees not to come to the office so they could inform them of staffing decisions remotely. However, virtual layoffs can go wrong if they are not handled properly. Companies such as Google and have faced criticism for their handling of mass layoffs via email or video conference. 

While some HR professionals prefer face-to-face communication for such sensitive news, the logistical challenges and security concerns of conducting in-person layoffs can be significant. Nevertheless, one disadvantage of remote layoffs is that employees lose the opportunity to commiserate with each other in person. Ultimately, layoffs are always difficult, regardless of how they are conducted.

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