If you’re a new hire, you’re more likely to be laid off—a Harvard expert’s No. 1 way to rebound


According to a recent survey by BambooHR, when companies make layoffs, 65% of human resources professionals typically choose to eliminate newly hired workers first. This decision is often viewed as more transparent than other layoff methods and is easier to explain to employees. The survey also found that employees who have been recently hired are most at risk of being laid off, with a 62% chance compared to 20% for longstanding employees. 

Companies could choose to lay off employees based on skills or performance but would need access to related data to adequately explain their decisions. In today's unpredictable economic landscape, job seekers should research how prospective companies handle layoffs to mitigate the risk of losing their jobs shortly after being hired. 

For those who are let go, Harvard Business School Professor Sandra Sucher advises framing the narrative as a company decision based on economic factors and not personal performance. By shifting the burden of their layoff onto external factors, such as the current economic climate, employees can tell a more valuable story to future employers. It's beneficial to share layoff stories, even on social media, as many recruiters use platforms like LinkedIn to vet candidates.

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