I work in a naked spa. It's exhausting and so much fun – but every now and then we have to stop people from getting intimate.


In December 2014, I began my work as a sauna assistant at Vabali Spa Berlin. It was my first day at university when a male acquaintance informed me that they were looking for people to work at the sauna and asked if I was interested. After realizing that I learn best through physical work rather than studying, I decided to drop out of university and pursue a career at Vabali. Presently, I am responsible for managing the sauna department, which involves managing a large group of employees and developing their programs. Our spa has a total of 240 employees, and my sauna section alone comprises 68 people, which is larger than the normal spas.

Our spa has a beautiful bamboo-clad outside corridor that leads guests to the changing room where they can rent bathrobes, towels, and slippers. We have three steam rooms, smaller warm-water pools, a plunge pool, 10 saunas, and two big pools – one inside and one outside, with temperatures ranging from 55 to a maximum of 95 degrees Celsius or 131 to 203 Fahrenheit. We uphold a no-phone policy and require guests to refrain from wearing any textiles in communal areas. Nude areas are restricted to the pool and sauna, and one is expected to cover their body while walking around the other parts of the spa. Nudity is not a big deal in Germany as it is part of their cultural identity, and we approach each other without any judgment.

Although intimacy is prohibited in our spa, occasionally, some guests try to have sex. In such cases, we remind them that they are in a public place and must respect others' privacy. The key to an enjoyable sauna experience is to start slowly and gradually increase one's tolerance level. We also recommend drinking water before, during, and after the treatment, to avoid dehydration.

We offer different ceremonies every half an hour, such as scrub treatments, sound meditations in the sauna, and birch treatment. These ceremonies help ignite relaxation and offer a respite from the rigorous city life. The Aufguss, or infusion, is a must-try ceremony where a person is provided with scents to make them sweat. It involves three rounds of infusion, lasting from 10 to 12 minutes each, where the ceremony master infuses water with essential oils and puts ice on the oven. It is a physical and exhausting job, but it is my passion.

What I love most about my job is the team around me. We have a close-knit team of colleagues who laugh a lot and have fun. It feels like home when I come to work, and I hope to continue doing this for as long as possible. Giving guests a good time, creating new treatments, igniting passion in my colleagues, and being hospitable is my goal, and when guests check out with a smile, I know I have done my job well.

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