I quit my 6-figure consulting job to take a gap year. I felt guilty at first, but it's the best decision I could've made.

 In 2021, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, I was working as a chief administrative officer at a consulting firm, where I had been earning a six-figure salary. I was responsible for managing various departments, including marketing, human resources, IT, and project management, as well as integrating companies that we were acquiring. However, the toll of the job was taking its effect on me, and to relieve myself of the overwhelming stress, I had always envisioned writing a book since I was a child, but it never seemed like a viable option. 

During the pandemic, like many others, I started to re-evaluate my priorities and realized that instead of working tirelessly for a company, I wanted to take a break and indulge in my dream of writing a book. I had always tried to squeeze some writing time into my hectic schedule but never found the discipline to do so. I wanted a change, and with the support of my husband, who was more than willing to help me financially, I quit my job in December 2022.

Though I was initially anxious about leaving my co-workers and the company, I knew that it was time to prioritize my family and my passion for writing. With my husband being supportive, we decided to make several financial adjustments to create a passive income and manage our expenses better. I intend to use this gap year to fulfill my dream of writing a dark-dystopian novel, which I hope to finish by early summer 2023. Once completed, I plan to start querying agents and doing some editing. 

Although I am uncertain about going back to the same line of work, I am considering options like consulting or copywriting that involve writing, which I enjoy doing. I'm not concerned about how the gap year will impact my resume since I have relevant contacts who will recommend me when needed. This gap year has taught me the importance of prioritizing my family, pursuing my interests, and checking my ego. 

This break has allowed me to spend quality time with my children, which was not possible before, and meet my friends more often. The pace of my life is slower now, and the freedom it brings is incomparable to anything else. I'm grateful for the chance to re-evaluate my priorities and make a change that I never had the courage to make before.

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