How To Improve A Challenging Work Relationship

 Building relationships at work is crucial for personal well-being, collaboration, and organizational success. However, the pandemic and remote work have strained previously strong connections, resulting in transactional relationships and a lack of trust. Virtual communication has limited the opportunities for sliding door moments or incidental interactions that foster positive relationships. 

To address this, individuals can plan workplace "date nights" to intentionally build personal connections, prioritize positivity and fun and avoid discussing work problems or gossip. Active listening, vulnerability, and minimizing distractions are key to creating a safe and trusting environment for these dates to flourish. Building strong relationships at work will enhance personal happiness, and job satisfaction and support organizational success.

My suggestion is, to begin with, a colleague who is easy to talk to and with whom you have a positive relationship. This will help you ease into the process of establishing work dates. Afterward, you can invite a more challenging colleague to see how it goes. Make a commitment to have at least one work date every week. Even if you don't become close friends, you will still benefit from learning more about each other as individuals and improving your ability to collaborate. This is how social capital is created. Embrace your role as the glue that brings people together and enjoys the process!

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