How this entrepreneur uses AI tools like ChatGPT to work 30 hours a week and earn 7 figures a year


Chase Dimond, a successful entrepreneur, was driven to success by his experiences of adversity during his high school days. Struggling with Crohn's disease, he lost a year of school but went on to join a non-profit focused on finding a cure, where he was introduced to successful entrepreneurs who mentored and inspired him to consider a similar future for himself. He started a t-shirt company in high school, worked multiple jobs in college, and eventually landed a job at an education tech company where he earned a salary almost reaching six figures. Determined to hit the $100k benchmark, he began doing consulting gigs on the side to supplement his income.

Now, Dimond generates income from six different streams, including an e-commerce marketing agency, digital courses, email newsletters, virtual events, social media channels, and consulting. He manages his workload without burning out by using productivity and AI tools such as Bubbles,,, and ChatGPT, and focusing on his strengths rather than overextending himself.

Dimond's largest business is his e-commerce marketing agency, Structured, which focuses on email marketing and now has over 130 employees and works with over 150 brands. Almost half of Dimond's income comes from digital courses, with his first course, "The $100M Ecommerce Email Marketer," priced at $749 and attracting 1,500 participants since its launch in October 2020. Dimond also hosts virtual events, sells paid newsletters, earns money through sponsorships from his social media brand, and takes on consulting opportunities on a quarterly basis.

Despite his success, Dimond's focus is not just on making money but also on creating value for his clients and growing his business sustainably.

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