Hangxiety: What is it? And how to cope if you're dealing with it.

 Hangxiety is a term that describes the combination of hangovers and anxiety symptoms that people can experience after a night of heavy drinking. Aside from the physical symptoms of a hangover, people may also experience negative emotions such as guilt or shame about their behavior during the previous night. 

To cope with hanganxiety, it is important to take care of your physical health by hydrating, eating nutritious foods, and exercising. Practicing mindfulness can also help by focusing on the present moment and acknowledging your emotions without judgment. 

Be kind to yourself and avoid caffeine, as it can exacerbate anxiety symptoms. When possible, cutting back on alcohol consumption can also reduce the occurrence of anxiety. Talking to someone you trust and engaging in activities that promote relaxation can also be helpful. Finally, try to reframe mistakes as lessons and focus on moving forward.

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