Shopify rescinded some job offers after telling former interns for months that they would have a full-time role


Shopify has retracted a number of jobs offers it verbally extended to former interns in late 2020. According to anonymous former interns, company recruiters repeatedly promised official written offers and contracts, but delays were cited due to operational updates. 

However, in March, these recruits were informed via phone calls that the roles they received verbal offers for were no longer available. The rescinded offers were for a variety of roles across Shopify, including the Shop app, Shop Pay, and financial products teams. 

The exact number of affected interns is unclear, but it appears to be at least a dozen. A Shopify spokesperson stated that the company is prioritizing only mission-critical hires, and currently has 21 open roles on its careers site. Former interns affected by the decision expressed concern about job prospects amid widespread layoffs and uncertainty in the tech industry. 

This is not the first time Shopify has rescinded job offers; the company canceled some internships set to begin in September 2020 and laid off about 10% of its workforce, or nearly 1,000 employees, in July of that year.

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