Pantry thief? Man goes on 'final office snack run' after getting laid off


When this man was laid off from his workplace, is his final act a prelude to his next career?

Taking to TikTok on Thursday (March 23), Larry Lee shared that he was retrenched from job listing company Indeed.

But the former software engineer there took the news in his stride - by going on a "final office snack run".

The 25-year-old was seen helping himself to snacks from the pantry, before dropping them in a black tote bag.

Revealing his snack haul, the bag was full of goodies - from potato chips to cup noodles, as well as chocolates.

"Maybe this can be the start of my mukbang career," Lee said.

Originating in South Korea, mukbang is defined as a live-streamed eating show where the host binge-eats while talking to the camera.

Lee's video of his pantry antics has since garnered over 140,000 views.

In the comments, several amused netizens felt that the former Indeed employee should have taken more snacks home.

"What are they going to do, fire you?" a netizen said, while another shared how he had done the same in his last workplace.

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Other netizens, on the other hand, had expressed their disapproval of Lee's behavior.

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Earlier in the same day, Lee had posted another TikTok video where he broke the news of his retrenchment to his mother

"Why is your company so unstable," the elderly woman said, while Lee joked that he will "earn some money" by being a TikToker. 

Indeed cut over 120 staff in Singapore on Wednesday (March 22) after announcing global layoffs affecting about 2,200 staff, or 15 percent of its workforce, reported The Business Times on Thursday (March 23).

Some of the retrenched workers in Singapore were from the software engineering, product development, and talent acquisition teams. 

While Lee also teased the prospect of binge-eating a silly amount of food for a living, this will not be his next career.

In a LinkedIn post shared on the same day, Lee revealed that he would be "pursuing his passion project" by building his social travel website Sotravel. 

"I am excited to see where this new journey takes me, and I would love for you to join me on this adventure," he said.

AsiaOne has contacted Lee for more information.

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