How to beat procrastination and boost your focus

 Throughout most of my life, I struggled with being productive while working from home, getting enough exercise, and maintaining a regular sleep schedule. I believed it was due to me being lazy and lacking motivation. However, I realized that my environment played a crucial role in getting me into a productive mindset. Doing various activities in the same spot inhibited my brain's ability to differentiate between work, leisure, and rest. This resulted in me procrastinating and being easily distracted. I would respond to work emails, scroll through social media, or watch TV in bed, making it difficult to fall asleep. Similarly, in the morning, I was unable to focus on work and often found myself getting sidetracked by social media, Netflix, or messaging apps. Additionally, I wasn't able to read since my phone or laptop was always distracting me. Through studying productivity experts, I learned about the importance of having a conducive environment. I created separate spaces within my home for each activity; I work at my desk, eat in the living room, and only read in bed. I moved my phone away from my bed to help me sleep better. This change helped me become more productive, focused, and less distracted.

I have experienced a significant improvement in my focus and a decreased tendency to procrastinate since making changes to my environment. This has helped me relax easily in bed, concentrate better at my desk, and enjoy downtime on my couch. For instance, keeping books on my nightstand has encouraged me to read more frequently, while having my workout mat easily visible and accessible has helped me establish a daily exercise routine. Eliminating distractions and creating a positive environment have been key to avoiding procrastination and staying focused. If you found these tips helpful, please consider sharing them so that others may also benefit.

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