Gen Z job seekers are rattling older managers by asking about work-life balance in the first interview


The modern workforce is vastly different from what we've seen before, with a multigenerational and diverse group of workers operating from a variety of locations such as offices, homes, and even beaches. 

Work-life balance has become a key consideration for employees, and managers are struggling to adapt to this new reality.

 While work-life balance was not a major focus in the past, younger workers are now prioritizing it and asking about it during the interview process. However, the response to this question varies based on the industry and the experience of the hiring manager. For example, sectors like investment banking still require long office hours, while startups may demand significant travel and work during a launch. 

It is important for both employers and employees to be prepared for this question during the interview. Companies should strive to accommodate workers' personal values and goals, including work-life integration or balance, to remain competitive in attracting talent. 

While many organizations are still adapting to this change in thinking, it is necessary to acknowledge it and continue to make progress toward meeting workers' expectations.

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