AI and robots fuel new job displacement fears

 The rise of generative AI tools like ChatGPT poses a threat to knowledge workers, unlike robots which tend to replace manual laborers. While robots are being employed in various fields, AI software and language models like ChatGPT have already proven capable of tasks previously thought exclusive to humans, including radiology and journalism. However, these technologies have their flaws, such as misinformation and technical malfunctions.

 As automation continues to erode jobs, the question of whether other jobs will emerge as substitutes and if workers are qualified to perform them remains uncertain. Some experts warn of the potential consequences of automation, exacerbating wage inequality and increasing unemployment, and suggest that vocational training programs should direct workers toward more secure jobs. 

Meanwhile, others argue that robots and AI can create new jobs while enhancing working environments. Although the prospect of robots and AI replacing human workers is daunting, it is up to policymakers to guide workers toward skills that cannot easily be substituted by technology.

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