A laid-off Indeed.com employee went on a 'final office snack run' and filled his tote bag with chips and instant noodles on his way out


A laid-off Indeed.com employee has his ex-employer to thank for his new snack haul. 

Larry Lee, an employee at the jobs portal's office in Singapore, filmed himself going on a "final office snack run" at the pantry and filling up a black bag with an assortment of snacks like chips and instant noodles. 

"Trying not to be suspicious," said the voiceover on Lee's TikTok video — which showed him walking to the lift with his haul. 

Lee, who worked at Indeed.com for three months before his departure, told Insider he went back to the office on Thursday to say goodbye to his colleagues when he decided to make a fun video about his final pantry run.

Despite Lee's choice of snacks in the video, he told Insider he prefers healthier snacking choices like nuts and dried fruits.

The video has nearly 200,000 views and had been shared about 1,600 times since it was posted three days ago. 

Most comments about the video were positive, with users saying he should've taken more snacks. "What they gonna do? Fire you? Take more!" one user wrote on TikTok. There were also negative comments calling him a "cheapskate."

But Lee — who now runs a travel website — said he's taking them with a pinch of salt. "At the end of the day the snacks had to be cleared out so no harm was done," he told Insider.

Indeed.com laid off about 90%, or over 200 employees in Singapore last Wednesday, the country's Business Times reported Friday. Most of the job cuts came from its engineering and product development teams.

The job cuts in Singapore were part of global layoffs that saw the website cull 2,200 employees, or about 15% of its workforce.

Indeed.com CEO Chris Hyams announced the layoffs last Wednesday in a staff memo, saying: "With future job openings at or below pre-pandemic levels, our organization is simply too big for what lies ahead." 

An Indeed spokesperson did not specifically address Lee's pantry escapade or provide details on its layoffs in Singapore, but told Insider it's reducing its footprint in the country as "the world of work is changing."

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