A former Amazon recruiter shares 5 tips on finding a job during big tech layoffs and a tough job market

 It appears that the economy is heading toward a recession and big tech companies are laying off a significant number of employees. Even billionaires are urging these companies to fire even more staff. This can result in reduced hiring opportunities in various industries. Simply updating your resume and applying for jobs may not be sufficient. To stay ahead of the curve and land a job in this competitive market, you need to have a strategy. Here are five tips to guide you in the job search in 2023.

1. Avoid Applying for Jobs Cold: In the current job market, submitting your resume to a company's website and hoping for the best is not enough. This approach, known as the 'spray and pray approach,' works less than one percent of the time. With increased competition for jobs in 2023, you need to think creatively and adopt a new approach to your job search.

2. Focus on Metrics on Your Resume: A well-written resume is critical in any job market, especially when the competition is intense. Employers will be looking for resumes that showcase your accomplishments, the extent of your experience, and the financial impact you've made on businesses. Demonstrate the results you achieved in your previous roles, including increasing revenue, decreasing costs, or improving processes. Highlight strategic examples that show how you helped a company be successful so that potential employers can see the tangible outcomes of your work.

By making these small shifts in your job search strategy and emphasizing your contribution to previous roles, you can increase your chances of landing multiple job offers in this challenging job market.

In 2023, having a strong presence on LinkedIn will be crucial for job seekers. As a former recruiter, I know firsthand that many companies use LinkedIn to find top talent. Therefore, it's important to create a profile that showcases your experience, education, and skills. To increase your chances of being contacted by recruiters, focus on updating your profile picture, cover photo, headline, summary, experience, and education. Using keywords that match the job descriptions of your desired companies can also help you get noticed. 

In addition to having a strong LinkedIn profile, building a personal brand can also make a big difference in your job search. Post and share articles that showcase your thought leadership in your field of expertise. Engage with others in your industry by commenting on their posts and sending personalized connection requests. However, avoid spamming or asking for direct job leads, as this can harm your reputation. By building your brand and increasing your visibility on LinkedIn, you'll be better positioned to find job opportunities not just in 2023, but in any year.

As an assistant, I can suggest that in 2023, relationship-building is more valuable than traditional networking when it comes to finding top-paying jobs. Instead of just collecting business cards and asking for favors, reaching out to people in your extended network and building rapport with them can lead to deeper connections and better job opportunities. An effective way to build a network is by connecting with "weak ties," such as people you haven't met before, as they have more job mobility and can help you access the hidden job market. It's essential to build genuine friendships and avoid simply panhandling for jobs, as this approach is often ineffective. By updating your job-hunting strategies and focusing on relationship-building, you increase your chances of landing your ideal job.

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