Your work's favorite happy hour spot wants you to come back to the office. Here's how remote work is costing big-city restaurants and bars billions.


As the debate over remote versus
 in-person working continues, restaurants have become a key players in the push to get workers back in offices. A new study has revealed the financial impact of hybrid and remote work on the biggest cities in the U.S., with New York City having the most to lose at $4,661 per person due to decreased spending. Bars and restaurants have been forced to reduce hours or even close their doors in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, and downtowns all over the country have seen a decrease in customers. In Baton Rouge, restaurants are offering special deals to attract customers, but in many cases, the lack of foot traffic is too severe for local eateries. The economic research of the Baton Rouge Area Chamber is trying to find a solution for downtown areas in order to keep businesses open.

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