Writers are worried ChatGPT will steal their jobs. Experts offered 3 reasons why this is unlikely — and even ChatGPT itself agrees.


ChatGPT has caused 
some concern among copywriters, marketers, and journalists that it might take away their jobs. Although the chatbot has gained 100 million users in just two months, experts say the likelihood of ChatGPT actually replacing jobs in writing-based industries is low. This is because ChatGPT cannot replicate human creativity or empathy. Additionally, ChatGPT-like tools can actually help humans go further on their journey than before. Technology breakthroughs may change the type of work people are doing, but are unlikely to displace workers from the workforce.

Sheeta Verma, a marketing consultant for startups based in California, expressed her doubts about whether ChatGPT would replace her work. She cited instances where founders had reached out to her after receiving spam from agencies using ChatGPT's content. The difference between content written by AI and marketers is "like night and day," Verma said. She emphasized that marketers have professional experience and can craft content that appeals to an audience. AI lacks the "higher order thinking" associated with values such as equality and justice, according to Jacobson. 

Google's spam policies forbid companies from using AI-written content on their websites, as the CEO of marketing agency Go Up, Edward Coram, pointed out. The policies state that violators might face ranking lower in search results or not appearing in results at all. 

ChatGPT may be transforming the way we work, but it is not likely to replace marketers.


GPT is an AI technology that is being used to help automate certain processes for businesses, but it is not likely to displace people. According to Jacobson, humans are still needed to do "higher value stuff" and not just simple, repetitive tasks that can be automated. He also noted that it is the use of humans for "creative strategic thinking" that makes businesses highly profitable. 

ChatGPT stated that roles requiring "creativity, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence" are less likely to be replaced by AI. When asked about content writing roles, it said that AI models can generate basic content quickly, but they still lack the creativity and human understanding to produce content that resonates with people. Additionally, AI models still require human supervision and oversight in order to ensure accuracy and appropriateness. Therefore, for now, the role of ChatGPT and other AI models in content creation is to assist and augment, rather than replace, human content creators.

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