Why Not Quit Your Job in 2023 (And Access Personal Freedom)

 Not everyone needs to give up their job, but many of you could and would experience a newfound level of freedom. Here are 12 reasons to do it now. You can make more money: the salary you currently earn may seem good, but when you use the same skills outside of a job, you can earn more. This is due to capitalism; you get a small percentage of the profits, but by saying no and investing in yourself, you can get the entire profit for yourself. Technology has made it easier than ever to quit your job and start something new, and with the rise of AI, opportunities are ever-growing. Instead of selling your skills to one customer, why not try selling to multiple? In this way, you can learn skills once and sell them multiple times, allowing for a much higher income. This is all possible with the right mindset and strategies.

Recent layoffs and the events of March 2020 have shown us that employers don’t care about us. This means that we don’t owe them anything either and can focus on ourselves. Having a job can be soul-crushing since it doesn’t leave much room for creativity or purpose. That’s why it’s important to have the resilience to be able to survive in the big, bad world and take care of yourself. To do this, you need to be resourceful and think of ways to make money online, such as self-education, seeking help, joining communities, and testing ideas. That way, you won’t need to rely on a job for security and can find your own purpose.

Risks pay off and can lead to exciting stories and experiences. For example, I once faced an Aussie tiger snake and although I was scared, I survived the encounter and was proud of myself for doing so. The modern job can lack leverage - meaning that you have to keep working harder and harder to access the same paycheck. When you build online, it is possible to access digital leverage, meaning that you can reach more people with the same effort and your returns can compound. Additionally, if you layer in some basic investing you can get even more leverage. Quitting a job can also provide flexibility, meaning that you can say yes to your family and work around them. Having autonomy is one of the greatest feelings and something that many jobs do not provide.

The uncommon truth is that you can always get another job if you don't like the current one. So why not try something new and experience the personal freedom that comes with it? Even if you're scared, you can still try a no-job lifestyle on a part-time basis as a side hustle. Don't let yourself be stuck with regrets; take a chance and go after the life you want.

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