The 3 biggest career conflicts couples face — and an expert's advice on how to resolve them

 If your partner is putting their work before your relationship, David Hawkins, the director of The Marriage Recovery Center, suggests focusing on how their actions make you feel when communicating your needs. You can express this to your partner in a vulnerable way, explaining that you want to feel important and asking if they would be willing to carve out more time for the two of you. Suggesting special dates could also help build a closer, deeper connection.

If your partner expresses concerns that you are putting work before them, and it is important to have regular check-ins. A simple text of "I'm thinking of you" can go a long way. When your partner is bringing work stress home, start by asking if they are open to hearing some feedback and then show your support with some positive feedback. It is important to listen to your partner and validate any concerns they have, and then work together to make compromises.

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