I left my tech job due to burnout before all the layoffs started — and now I'm looking for a new role in a hyper-competitive market


Burnout is a very real phenomenon.
 I experienced it first-hand when I worked at a large technology company for a year and a half. I was highly dedicated to my job, but by the middle of last year, I found myself feeling completely drained. I had so much on my plate that I couldn't even maintain conversations with my partner or help my sister with her job search. I decided to take some time off and reassess what I wanted for my life. My cost of living in California was high, so I took on contract work to pay the bills, but otherwise, I took the time to focus on myself. I reconnected with my partner, finished writing a novel, and started teaching dance again. 

By the end of December, I started browsing job market listings to see what was out there. I wanted to find a job that would have a positive impact on real people, whether that was in tech or in another industry. I planned to start my job search in earnest in the second week of the new year. Little did I know what would happen in January - I watched as my former employer and many other companies laid off staff. It was very anxiety-inducing. 

So far, my experience as a job seeker has been mixed. I've applied to nearly 100 jobs, but most of the time I get the standard rejection email because the algorithmic gatekeepers didn't pick up my résumé's keywords.

You have been invited to six separate interviews, and have gone through two or three rounds with each one. Unfortunately, nothing has worked out due to a variety of reasons such as the role not being what you were looking for, the salary not being sufficient, or the company pulling the opening due to internal issues. It seems that both employers and employees are feeling anxious and uncertain due to the current economic state. The job market appears to be highly competitive yet there are still new opportunities arising. 

You may feel frustrated, stressed, and discouraged at times, but you believe that everything happens for a reason. You are grateful for having the chance to rediscover your love of dance, be present in your relationships, and write your book. You have no regrets about leaving your previous job and are staying optimistic in order to move forward.

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