From Agency to Corporate. What has changed?

 Transitioning into something new can be a daunting task. That is why there is an idiom "The grass on the other side is always greener". I am currently in the third month of my new job and it has been mentally stimulating. The main reason I switched jobs was because of the pay: working for money instead of experience. This means expectations are high for me to perform in a timely fashion and adapt to this job quickly. My manager hired me due to my past job experiences and skillsets which made me the right person for the job. I am here to work, not to make friends. In the past, I have worked in agencies where the team had a shared goal.

Agencies' life is focused on getting things done, which may mean making a few enemies along the way. In contrast, Corporate life is about getting everyone aligned and on the same page. It’s important to ensure that no surprises arise while still working towards the goal. This often requires more paperwork and reporting. The stakes in Corporate life are much higher, and the people you work with are usually more talented and dedicated. This means the world is more complex than you may have thought. Despite this, it is possible for anyone to be the hero/savior of the project with the right mindset and dedication. 

By leaving your comfort zone and adapting to a new job, you’ll be able to make the best use of your capabilities. Looking back on your previous job, it can be seen as a transition journey to equip you for real action.

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