7 IT Master Programmes for Technology Geeks That Want to Study in Europe

A total of 1.46 million students were attaining tertiary level studies in Europe throughout 2020, making the zone one of the most sought among international students.

This proves that the 27-nation-bloc has gained a reputation due to its commitment to offering the best academic programmes for all students, regardless of the field of study, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

Currently, technology is one of the fields where demand is on the rise and the European Education Area (EEA), the EU initiative that aims at improving access to quality education for everyone, suggests the following e master’s programmes for students that plan to take their academic career even further or even have the opportunity to travel, as several universities enable students to take a year in other countries consortiums.


The demand for gatekeepers that protect systems from malicious viruses has increased significantly in the past years and is certainly expected to surge in the upcoming years. It is estimated that connected devices are expected to rise to 25 billion by 2025, with a quarter of these alone being in Europe, and with these results, the number of ransomware attacks will also surge, which showcases the high demand for cybersecurity masters.

Universities in France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Estonia all offer the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master in Cybersecurity (CYBERUS) programme, which prepares students for the labour market as well as enables them to have successful careers in their field of choice.

Data Science & Software Engineering

For those that love data science and software engineering and also would love to study in Finland, Sweden, Spain or Italy, the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Programme on the Engineering of Data-intensive Intelligent Software Systems (EDISS), is a great option.

The first year of the programme is mostly focused on Data Science, where students will be able to participate in the winter school and attain an internship, while in the second year, there is a specialization track where students can decide between Industrial ML Software Engineering, Computer Vision and Intelligent Systems as well as Model Driven ML Software Engineering.

Embedded Systems

The European Master in Embedded Computing Systems (EMECS), is offered in all four countries; Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and Norway and is one of the best programmes in this field.

The curriculum consists of the core programme that has 45 ECTS and an elective programme that further continues in the second year of study when altogether with projects and attendance, the student has to complete the Master’s Thesis, totalling up to 75 ECTS.

Language & Communication Technologies

The Erasmus Mundus European Masters Program in Language and Communication Technologies (LCT) is established to meet the demands of the industry and to improve research in those areas that are growing rapidly. The programme is offered in all seven European countries; Spain, France, Italy, Malta, Germany, the Netherlands and Czechia and the students finish one year each at two different consortiums.


Europeans are very passionate about their Green Deal, climate and sustainability as everyone should be. However, software engineers that are also focused on sustainability, should keep in mind that the SE4GreenDeal Programme can be their ultimate option.

The programme which is offered in Finland, Italy and the Netherlands is designed to educate software engineers through their solutions to improve the well-being of people.

Cloud Computing Solutions

The programme which is offered jointly by universities in France, Estonia, as well as the Nordic countries such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, combines practical engineering skills with a research-based curriculum and it aims to prepare for the labour market engineers that meet hiring requirements as well as long-term needs of the ICT industry in the European continent.

Data Processing & Smart Systems

Norway, Finland and Hungary are the only countries that offer the Joint International Master in Smart Systems Integrated Solutions (SSI), which is best suited for students that have electrical engineering, material science or mechanical and mechatronic engineering backgrounds as well as those that have studied, have experience or just love physics.

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