Worker says she quit after getting 13-cent raise


In a now-viral TikTok, a worker said she decided to quit her job after they gave her an “offensive” 13-cent raise.

TikTok user Keeley Collins ( posted the video on Jan. 8. It amassed over 945,000 views as of Jan. 11.

In the video, Collins mouthed the line, “Horrified looks from everyone in the room,” from Taylor Swift’s song “Speak Now.” She used a text overlay to explain what would elicit such a reaction.

“When HR asked why I was quitting and I explained that giving $0.13 raises is offensive,” she wrote.

Collins explained the situation further in the caption, writing, “It was an inflation raise that totaled about $20/month.”

In the comments section, many viewers applauded Collins’s decision.

“YESS. I got a 24% raise this year. If they want to and they care, THEY WILL,” one user wrote.

“Fun fact: if you don’t get a raise that covers the inflation rate plus a decent increase on top. you’re actually getting a pay cut,” another commented.

Other users shared their experiences with ditching jobs that didn’t offer competitive pay.

“Or when u put in ur notice after being there for 12 years to take a way higher paying job they suddenly can afford to offer u a $10 raise to stay. Nah,” one user commented.

“I once told a company to keep the 5 cent raise — and they did! I quit a month later!” a second wrote.

“I had a job offer me a penny I left the very next day,” another shared.

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