This ‘best job’ of 2023 pays over $100K, offers remote opportunities and doesn’t require a degree


Full-stack developers have become a sought-after job in the tech industry, due to their strong 10-year outlook, high salaries, and ability to work remotely or in hybrid roles. Companies across many different industries are seeking out these professionals for their knowledge and expertise when it comes to building websites and applications, writing code, and maintaining software. The demand for full-stack developers has been further amplified by the pandemic, as businesses continually strive to keep up with digital transformation.

Most hiring managers are more focused on technical skills such as writing code, using programming languages like python or javascript, and designing applications or websites, rather than educational background when considering candidates. If you're wanting to build your technical skills in the tech field, you can do so by enrolling in online courses, coding bootcamps, or certificate programs.

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