How to use AI to improve employee performance and engagement


 Artificial intelligence can provide analytics to offer employees a new perspective, allowing for better and faster decisions by using different structural data. There are no-code AI platforms that anyone can use, regardless of prior knowledge of machine learning or data science. Implementing AI offers three advantages that can improve employee engagement and performance. Automating workflows with modern communication and productivity tools that utilize AI can save time and increase ROI. Cognitive data capture tools can extract data from unstructured documents faster and more accurately than humans and can be used to automate tasks like scheduling, expense management, and filling forms. With the help of AI, email marketing efforts can be made more efficient and effective, optimizing sending time, assessing content to avoid being filtered as spam, and even writing copy.

 People perform better when they have the right tools and resources to succeed. A recent Oracle survey found that AI helps people's mental health, with 27% reporting reduced stress. Employers can use AI to automate tasks, provide accurate information, and track progress. AI can also reduce human bias in the hiring process and provide employee analytics to better understand engagement. AI can help employees have a better work-life balance by reducing the time spent on manual tasks and providing access to important information. Companies like Johnson & Johnson and Starbucks are using AI to assess skills and manage schedules, inventory, and maintenance. AI can help employees focus on the most important parts of their jobs, improving engagement and performance.

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