How to tell if you’re the annoying work colleague


Through a visit to TikTok with Être, young Ava Liu was inspired to learn that following one's passions can lead to finding the right job. Raia's research shows that mentors can be the key to helping adolescent girls and young women realize their full potential and break through barriers in male-dominated fields. To make this happen, Raia is on a mission to provide girls with the chance to observe successful women in action in prestigious companies. According to Raia, “Confidence in boardrooms is not just anecdotal; it is essential. If we want to see more women in boardrooms, we need to start making room for girls in middle school.”

When a colleague departs, it's often the case that one in ten of their peers follow suit and also resign. Reflect Consultancy's HR consultant and mentor, Sean Butcher, commented on the situation, saying: "When a work friend resigns, it's natural to feel a sense of loss. After all, you and this person have gone through the highs and lows of your organization together, making the hard times a little easier."

Your friend's resignation should be given careful thought. It is likely that they have found a job that pays more, offers more potential for career progression, or allows them to live their life as they wish. If this is the case, you should feel pleased that they are making changes for the better and will be happier in the end.

The most hated workplace phrases:

Previous research found these were no-nos.

  1. Touch base
  2. No-brainer
  3. Outside the box
  4. Going the extra mile
  5. Blue sky thinking
  6. Game-changer
  7. Brainstorm
  8. Ping an email
  9. E-meet you
  10. Thought shower
  11. Ducks in a row
  12. On my radar
  13. Low hanging fruit
  14. Park that
  15. Stick a pin in it
  16. Get the ball rolling
  17. Paradigm shift
  18. Out of the loop
  19. Off-piste
  20. Moving forward
  21. Window of opportunity
  22. Drill down
  23. Put it on ice
  24. Comfort zone
  25. Deliverables
  26. Take that offline
  27. Ideation
  28. Move the needle
  29. Reach out
  30. Circle back
  31. Actionable
  32. Break out
  33. Take outs

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