Do you REALLY want to leave your job? Or is Society making you feel that way?

  Working a 9-5 job is becoming less popular, and this can be intimidating for those who are content with their job. When searching online, there is an influx of articles with titles such as "The 9-5 job is DEAD", "Why working for yourself is better", and "9-5 jobs are a scam, here's why". These articles are being shared on social media rapidly. When the majority of people are discussing one way of life being better, this can have an effect on the opposite side of the trend. 

When considering leaving your job, take a step back and think about why you are doing it. Are you doing it because you are truly unhappy, or because of what is being said on social media? Think about what makes you happy. Does stability make you happy? Does having health and dental benefits make you happy? Does having a set schedule make you happy? Does having paid holidays make you happy? Does having PTO make you happy? Does having maternity/paternity leave make you happy?

It is important to ask yourself these questions when deciding to make the switch from 9-5 to an entrepreneur. It is true that a 9-5 job may not be as stable post-pandemic, but it is also true that entrepreneurship is not always stable either. Paychecks may vary, invoices may not be paid on time, and if a family member gets sick, then what? There are pros and cons to both. Don't let social media influence your decision. If you want to leave your job, make sure it is for yourself and not because of what is being said online. If social media is affecting your decision, take a break from all platforms and evaluate how you truly feel about your job without the influence of popular belief. Make your decision based on that.

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