7 Tips You Need for Changing Careers in 2023


Before making a change, Warren recommends clarifying why you feel it’s time to go by asking yourself a few questions such as: Is what I’m feeling circumstantial, or might it improve with time? Is the catalyst the role itself, the work environment, or something in my personal life? Do I need to change careers entirely, or do I need a different role or work environment? To better understand your strengths and interests, take a skills assessment or speak with a career counselor. Imagine that you could pursue any career and journal about that career and what it looks like, on a pragmatic level, to pursue it. If you determine that your ideal career is feasible, create a pro/con list about the career path to gain clarity on what the shift would entail. Connect with individuals in the industries or job roles you are interested in - they can provide valuable insights and may be able to connect you with job opportunities. Set one specific macro goal and then support it with at least five specific micro goals, such as creating a new resume or taking a course. Lastly, obtain the support of your family and friends to encourage you to pursue your goals. If you meet resistance along the way, it’s important to self-reflect, and you may want to obtain professional support such as psychotherapy to support your journey.

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