10 fast-growing jobs that pay 6 figures and don't require you to come into the office full-time

 A full-stack developer is the best job for 2023, according to Indeed's latest ranking

This job has a six-figure salary per Indeed, and it may be possible to do this job outside of an office.

But this was just one of the tech jobs that ranked high on the list. Despite news of layoffs at major tech companies like Microsoft and Amazon, a post from Indeed about the new list stated that "tech jobs still dominate Indeed's list of best jobs for 2023," noting that the top three were all tech ones.

"I think one important distinction that we make when we're looking at things like our best jobs list is that we are seeing a lot of tech layoffs within traditional tech companies in the news recently, but that's not to say that tech jobs themselves are decreasing in demand," Kristen Shah, career expert at Indeed, told Insider.

"Most companies need software engineers, most companies need developers, data engineers, cloud engineers," Shah added. "So when we think about the demand for these roles, we really can expand the opportunities outside of traditional tech companies into banking, finance, supply chain, industries like that."

Shah said that the job site decided to release this year's ranking in January because "job seeker activity is actually up on our site during the month of January" as well as in February.

"So we really wanted to meet job seekers where they were and share a list of the 'best jobs' that are on our site according to the three factors that we outlined and what we think matters most to job seekers right now," Shah added. "And those three things are really focusing on opportunity, high salary, and flexibility."

Notably, all of the jobs that took the top 10 spots made over $100,000. For instance, the No. 10 job was product designer, which Indeed noted had a salary of $121,363.

Below are the 10 jobs that made the top of the list.

10. Product designer

Two people working on a design sketch
Suwat Supachavinswad / EyeEm/Getty Images

Average annual salary: $121,363

Change in job share: 39%

Share of postings with remote and hybrid phrases: 48%

9. Psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner

Nurse talking to colleague
The Good Brigade/Getty Images

Average annual salary: $134,011

Change in job share: 180%

Share of postings with remote and hybrid phrases: 20%

8. Machine learning engineer

Neural network and machine learning engineer programming
gorodenkoff/Getty Images

Average annual salary: $153,252

Change in job share: 53%

Share of postings with remote and hybrid phrases: 37%

7. Site reliability engineer

People working in an office
Luis Alvarez/Getty Images

Average annual salary: $153,134

Change in job share: 121%

Share of postings with remote and hybrid phrases: 55%

6. Back-end developer

Two people in an office with lines of code on the computer screen
Cavan Images/Getty Images

Average annual salary: $148,827

Change in job share: 81%

Share of postings with remote and hybrid phrases: 60%

5. Senior product manager

People in a meeting
Morsa Images/Getty Images

Average annual salary: $147,135

Change in job share: 44%

Share of postings with remote and hybrid phrases: 45%

4. Psychiatric nurse

Doctor with a patient
Charday Penn/Getty Images

Average annual salary: $109,739

Change in job share: 45%

Share of postings with remote and hybrid phrases: 18%

3. Cloud engineer

Two people sitting in an office
Luis Alvarez/Getty Images

Average annual salary: $133,114

Change in job share: 65%

Share of postings with remote and hybrid phrases: 42%

2. Data engineer

An IT worker is walking while holding a laptop
Hispanolistic/Getty Images

Average annual salary: $135,260

Change in job share: 80%

Share of postings with remote and hybrid phrases: 44%

1. Full-stack developer

A person in an office doing work on a laptop
Maskot/Getty Images

Average annual salary: $129,637

Change in job share: 56%

Share of postings with remote and hybrid phrases: 51%

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