Entry level jobs for less competitive applicants?

 My best friend has a CS degree from an average school (cal state), with an average GPA of 2.8ish. He’s struggled to find a programming job and has passed two years without finding one. His resume unfortunately isn’t impressive and doesn’t feature side projects or anything like that.

Are there any types of CS or software-adjacent jobs he could look for that might just help get his foot in the door and start learning? He’s in LA if that helps.


he’s not very motivated

resume unfortunately isn’t impressive

doesn’t feature side projects or anything like that.

has passed two years

so what does he have to showcase his skills then? his CS degree, GPA, and school name are largely irrelevant here since it's been 2 years, what has he been doing in the meantime?

he should have been panicking 6-8 months after graduation without a job... ~2 years is seriously the time when he should really reconsider if CS is something he wants to do

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