Call center worker fired after accidentally unmuting and talking sh*t about customer

 A viral TikTok video portrayed a call center employee’s worst nightmare: thinking you’re on mute when you’re actually not. User Dee Mitchell (@richhdee) shared a clip of her slip-up with a customer at her old call center job, an interaction she was allegedly fired over.

“POV you thought you was on mute but clicked speaker and got fired after this,” Mitchell wrote in the clip’s text overlay. 

In the video, Mitchell is sitting at her desk in a call center with her headset on as she explains the purpose of a security deposit to the customer on the phone.

“When [I’m on] your account, I literally see late payment charges every time I click the next page,” Mitchell says to the customer. 

According to the clip’s text overlay and Mitchell’s actions during the conversation, she did not enjoy her time at the call center.

“I do not miss that call center shit… Listen to me [crying emojis]… just rude,” she wrote.

After explaining to the customer of their poor payment history, Mitchell made a few comments after she thought she was muted.

“The fuck don’t you understand?” she says in the clip. “Talkin’ about ‘y’all didn’t inform me’… bitch.”

Users in the comment section shared their experiences caught in the same situation, while others discussed their mistrust of the mute button.

“I been stop trusting the mute button,” one user said.

“Idk I feel like I would’ve just hung up after that,” another commented.

“And once you realize it… You continue to say what you were saying but act like you’re talking to someone in your background… Been there done that lol,” a third user said. 

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