‘Thinking of quitting’: Starbucks employee says she has to close store alone


A Starbucks worker says she’s thinking of quitting after sharing her routine for closing alone on TikTok.

The worker, named Destinee (@defffnotdes), posted a video showing “not everything but most” of what she does when she closes her Starbucks location by herself.

In the video, Destinee says the shop was “pretty dead” so she began closing at 6:26 p.m. Her closing routine included restocking juices and cups, cleaning the store’s espresso machines, washing dishes, making mocha, refilling fruit and matcha containers, restocking milk, throwing away leftover pastries, putting up chairs in the lobby, taking out the trash and putting away coffee syrups.

The TikTok says she got home “really late” after closing but doesn’t reveal how long the closing routine took. In her video’s caption, she writes that she’s “thinking of quitting.”

Some commenters speculated that Destinee must be working at a Starbucks inside a Target store if she has to close by herself. Others advised her to transfer to a corporate location.

“i think it's a target Starbucks which might make a difference,” one viewer commented.

“Bestie move to a corporate Starbucks so you don’t have to close by yourself. Working at a Target Starbucks sounds like way worse,” a second viewer commented.

Destinee did confirm by replying to comments that she does work at a Starbucks within a Target store, which she says may affect the store’s policy on how many employees are required to close.

“pls answer, you are allowed to close alone? it’s not against policy? cuz 1 time my manager didn’t let me go home bc she just couldn’t close alone,” one viewer said.

In reply, Destinee wrote, “I work at a Starbucks in target so the policy is different than a stand-alone Starbucks if that’s where you work!”

Other Starbucks workers commented about the differences in their Starbucks locations versus Destinee’s. Several noted the presence of peach juice and the floor mats that Destinee threw in the dishwasher.

“Oh my god, what mats in the dishwasher?! [crying emoji] a girl could dream, we had to scrub them” one user said.

Another user wrote in all caps, “U GUYS HAVE PEACH JUICE.”

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