The NYC salary law showed me that I'm in the lowest possible salary for the mid-level bracket. I don't believe this is deserved. How do I bring this up to my manager?


In my company:

Mid Level SWE Salary is 130k -175k

Senior is 175k - 215k

This would mean that right now, I'm at the lowest possible salary of 130k. Been with the company for more than a year, and I've taken on extra work/responsibility and evolved the platform, and taken on projects in ways that show that I'm worth more than 130k/year

How do I bring this up with my manager?

Sarah S.

Having been someone who has tried to broach the “I’m not paid what I’m worth” convo my experience has been simply to get a job somewhere else. I’ve tried to justify it to employers and debatably did justify it. In EVERY case I only got a raise by going elsewhere and then watching the company have to pay 2x what they did for me and still crash and burn.

Get a competing offer then give them an ultimatum if you enjoy working there. It really is that simple minus technical interviews.

Ultimately I think employees in general greatly overestimate their employer wanting to keep them employed. There is absolutely zero labor shortage, there is simply a shortage of employers willing to pay what people want. It is what it is.

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