Subway worker gets sent home after showing up as Domino’s worker for Halloween


A Subway worker claimed they were sent home for their Halloween costume. The costume, which the TikToker says was approved by two managers, was a Domino’s Pizza uniform.

In a video with over 93,000 views, TikTok user EJ (@faygocum) wrote, “Being sent home from subway cause I showed up as a dominos worker for Halloween even after I was told by 2 managers that it was okay.”

In the comment section, users claimed that costumes like these are fairly common for people in the service industry.

“I was a dunkin employee at starbucks,” recalled one user. “My manager hated it but customers thought it was the funniest thing they’d ever seen.”

“I did this at dominos as Pizza Hut driver,” stated another. “My managers thought it was hilarious.”

“I was a jersey mikes worker at jimmy johns today and my manager laughed so hard he had to sit down,” shared a third.

“Lol I wore pf changes sweatshirt while I worked at a pizza place and greeted everyone with ‘welcome to chilis,’” detailed a fourth.

“When i worked at cinnabon we all did this- all different places,” recounted a further TikToker. “Customers loved it we got so many surveys that day managers couldn’t be mad abt it.”

According to users on Reddit, the Subway operations manual allows stores to decide if employees are allowed to wear holiday costumes so long as “all uniform standards that relate to health and safety codes, such as head covering, shoes, or jewelry” are still adhered to.

That said, costumes are not allowed if they violate certain rules, such as containing “heavy face paint or makeup, glitter, or masks.” Furthermore, the costume must be in “good taste and must not interfere with other team members or guests.” It is possible the store determined EJ’s costume violated the latter rule.

Some commenters said that, while they enjoyed the costume, they understood the store’s decision.

“Lmao i love it but i get why some places would be strict ab it,” one user explained.

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