Server asks manager if she can come to work late so she can have sex, sparking debate

 Employees being honest with their managers is rare. Some people lie about reasons for arriving late or calling off. However, there are exceptions like when workers are “too honest.” The question is: what crosses the line as “overly honest?” A manager went viral on TikTok after sharing how a co-worker was too open when they requested to come in late so they can have sex.

User Tianna (@jbtiannaa) posted a video with a screenshot of a message exchange between her and a server. The messages included voice recordings of the co-worker giggling and then saying, “I was wondering, can I come in, like, a little bit later tonight, like, 7-7:30 at the very latest? I have a spontaneous date and I’m trying to get some yeaahh, so I just might…” and Tianna nods her head in the excitement in the video.

The text overlay reads, “pov: you’re a shift lead and the servers are overly honest with you. Tianna captioned the video, “I definitely gotta help my girl out tho.”

The video garnered over 263,000 views since it was posted on Oct. 23, with many viewers praising the server’s honesty.

“I love the fact they can be honest & you’re understanding to every part of life. A lot of jobs would last if this happened more often,” one viewer praised.

“Respect,” a second wrote.

“At least she was honest,” a third complimented.

“To be fair she said it very professionally,” another echoed.

Some workers shared their experiences with co-workers like this.

“I quit my last job partially bc a girl no call no showed on me on a sat morning coffeehouse shift, and then texted me ‘honestly I got drunk and lost my phone, and didn’t wake up until like 2.’ I respected the honesty [I guess] but I couldn’t deal w that LMAO,” one shared.

“i had an employee like this when i worked retail, and she always came in and gave 110%,” a second recounted.

Others commented on what they would’ve done in Tianna’s shoes.

“If I was a supervisor. Come on in at 8 you’ll be in a great mood,” one commented.

“I’d say yes solely for the tea after,” a second person stated.

Tianna responded to the comment, writing, “definitely got the tea after.”

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