Olive Garden customer complains about staff and order, dividing viewers


In a viral video posted Oct. 25, TikToker LeJera Payton (@lejerapaytonaccount) spoke with the manager of her local Olive Garden as she believed she received bad service. The video has over 2.6 million views as of Monday.

“Is there something wrong?” the manager asks, approaching the table in the clip.

Payton says that she would like to be compensated for her $10 bill due to bad service. She noted that the dining experience was slow and that her chicken and gnocchi soup had little to no gnocchi.

“I have been dealing with your waitresses and ill-treatment,” she says in the video. “They have been making me wait long wait times, ignoring me.”

After the TikToker asked for compensation, the manager immediately agreed and told her to not worry about it. Payton had her camera on the manager the entire video.

In the comments section, users were put off by the way Payton handled the situation.

“If you can’t pronounce GNOCCHI, you should not complain about them,” one user commented.

“I can tell the manager didn’t even wanna get into it, she just wanted her to leave,” another said.

“You met your match. She destroyed you with kindness,” a third user commented.

Multiple users pointed out that Payton’s whole account is her complaining about service in order to get free products and food.

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