In The Creator Economy, YOU Are The Most Profitable Niche !


Monetize your knowledge in 2023. 🧠

Your perspective and point of view.

What about it?

That’s something unique about you.

And believe me, you’re wrong if you think it has no value. Don’t underestimate yourself, you know something that others don’t. You have learned a lot in your lifetime, in knowledge and experience.

You know how to edit videos, start a youtube channel or take great pics of birds. Whatever it is, you know something that others don’t!

You will be surprised at how much people are ready to pay to get your take on a particular subject you know about. And you don’t have to be an expert at it, a lot of people mistakenly believe they need to be a master on a subject to start talking about it. This is far from the truth because there’s always something new to learn about anything. And who the f*ck said you had to become a master ?!

If you have knowledge that can benefit someone else, that is enough!

You’re probably asking yourself.

“There’s soooo much free information available online! “

“Why would they pay me ?”


In fact, that is the problem with the Internet. There’s too much information online, and people have no idea what’s true or false. They don’t want to put in hours of research. You have done the detective’s work for them, so you can be there and guide them to the Truth.

On top of that, you have your own perspective and point of view. You have your own life experience that you can use for marketing. If you market yourself as growing up with a single mom and managing to grow an online eCommerce business. Someone else is in the same exact situation as you were and would love to get into eCommerce. That’s a potential client because he feels relatable to you.

This phenomenon is called the mere exposure effect in psychology. It means that people are more likely to prefer something they’ve been exposed to than something unfamiliar.

So don’t ignore the power of relatability in storytelling and marketing.

That’s how humans interact and connect with each other.

“You love cheese, I love cheese, let’s be friends! 🧀”

Adding your life experience and what you’ve been through in life, can be a great marketing tool. It’s a smart way to differentiate yourself, and people will remember you.

We’re finally at a time in civilization, where there are so many resources available to you to get your point of view across.

You just got to focus on what matters to you and stay loyal to your ideas.

And you can start an online business or community with little to no financial resources.

Traditional salesy marketing is dead, people are catching up on all the scams, lies, overpromising, and under-delivering that has been going on with online marketing.

Whatever business you have, add a touch of yourself, your personality, your values, and what you believe in. Be authentic and honest, that’s what people want!

Niche yourself.

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