Focus Groups, how much money can you make in a day?


Focus groups are a really good way to make quick money. From all, I read it does not seem like a full-time income but it can be a very substantial income. Great side hustle. Let’s learn a bit and see.

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I have never done a focus group. Has anyone here done a focus group? If so how much did you make and how long did it last? For those who do not know what a focus group is this is Google's meaning of a focus group:

I have done a few studies and made money for a week by just writing down what I eat and snack on throughout the day. The other study was when I do laundry, days, and times. I made 35 dollars just for writing down my food for the week.

I forget what I made for the laundry study. I do know it topped off my points to cash out a 50-dollar Amazon gift card. I love NCP. I have made well over 200 dollars just for scanning my groceries and taking a few surveys. It always helps for the little odds and ins I want to purchase online like in-game purchases or buy something from Amazon. But sorry sidetracked.

I think a person could make it a full-time income. I think it all depends on how many groups a person can get into. If you joined a few of these groups and pulled in 50 dollars or more per group you do, a few a day could be a decent amount of money. That could be about 100 a day or more.

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Schlesingergroup panels in many countries

Schlesinger Focus Groups have many different focus groups in many different countries. They have the largest brands that are willing to pay you for your opinions.

  • Online Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Online Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Webcam Interviews
  • Video Diaries
  • Online Bulletin Board

These are the many different ways to participate on this site. This means many ways to make money.

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Screenshot of Apex Focus Group Website

Apex Focus Group: this is the next one I want to let you know about. They will pair you with reputable companies in your area offering all kinds of market research opportunities from online and in-person focus groups to clinical trials and paid survey panels. They pay $35 — $75 (1-hour session) and $250 — $500 (multi-session studies). They have 824 active participants and 1000+ market research opportunities in 41 states. Sure this will grow in time.

Engage Studies: pays between $50-$250 and has a wide range of things to do studies on.

  • TV viewing
  • Ad effectiveness
  • Website and software design
  • Automobiles
  • Mock Trials
  • Dial Testing
  • Consumer electronics
  • Food products and preparation
  • Music and entertainment habits
  • Medical conditions
  • And more…
Screenshot of Recruit and Fields website

Recruit and field: Another place that says to get paid for your opinion. As a respondent, you will have the opportunity to participate in focus groups (in-person interviews), phone interviews, online surveys, and in-home product testing. They work with some of the biggest companies like; Google, Microsoft, Apple, Uber, Grey Goose, Clinique, Nestle, Netflix, GMC, and Spotify.

Would be a great opportunity to get to work with one of these companies and be the deciding factor on a famous product from one of them. They are looking for consumers like you or me, business professionals, and even medical professionals. They would like a broad range of opinions on their products.

User Interviews: This is one of the more popular sites people know for focus groups. As you see for 2 hours of work you can get 2 hundred dollars. This is typical pay for most of their focus groups. You see on the side you can take your pick online, over the phone, or in person. Then you can filter out the type of focus group you would like to do.

I have never tried this and as much as I like the idea of this type of money for like an hour of work I don’t think I could go on a webcam. I hate being in front of a camera.

The last place is Probe Market Research: Not much I can say about this place that hasn't already been said from the other sites. As you can see they are all basically the same. I am sure each one has its own pros and cons. Would be up to you to decide what they are. If you know would be great if you left it in the comments for others to know.

This was something I had posted to my blog and wanted to share an excellent money opportunity for everyone.

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